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FJ2000 Radioactive Geiger Counter


Nuclear radioactive radiation meterPioway FJ2000 ---- $289.90 (Worldwide Free Shipping)
Personal radioactive x-ray, γ-ray meter

Need to measure X, γ-ray radioactive radiation from nuclear power stations, nuclear-powered submarines, x-ray machines and more. The FJ2000 dosimeter is the kind of intelligent pocket instrument just for that. Sensitive enought to respond to environmental background levels, it adopts the technology of the great-functional new monolithic machine. It is mainly used to monitor the X-ray and the Y-ray to read both the individual dosage and the individual dose rate directly. Within the meauring range, can fix or initialize the alarm threshold value. When exceeding the threshold value or being blocked, the instrument will give a sound and flash alarm to warn the operator to pay attention to the safety in time. The main technical measures  of the instrument accord with the national and international standards. It is the smaller and lower work consumpted carriable pocket instrument among the same kind of products in the present domestic market. It is widely used in the fields of industrial nondestructive examination, nuclear power  station,  neculaer-powered  submarine, application of the isotope, treatment with cobalt  in the hospital, etc.. 



GM counting tube   


4-digit LCD 

Measuring Range: 

Accumulated dose equivalent: Hp(10)0.0μSv-99.99mSv  

Dose equivalent rate: Hp(10)0.1μSv/h-99.99mSv/h 

Measuring Time:

6.0μSv/h        36s;       6μSv/h          ≤3.6s 

Dose Rate Response: 

±20%       (1μSv/h-99.99mSv/h) 

Energy Response:

±30%       (50KeV-1.3MeV) 

Relative Error: 

±20%      (13-Cs) 

Alarm Function: 

Within  the meauring  range,  can  initialize  the  alarm  threshold  value  for  the  dose  rate and the accumulated dose. This instrument has a fixed alarm threshold value. When the  

accumulated dose adds 0.1μSv every  time, it will give a sound and a flash. When the accumulated  dose ≥50μSv,  the  sound  and  flash will  last  for  5s,  at  the  same  time there will show the word of “ALARM”. When the dose equivalent rate ≥25μSv/h, the sound and  flash will last for about 6s, and the “ALARM” will appear. When  the  counting  tube  is  blocked,  the  alarm  will  continue  and  not  stop,  and  the “ALARM” will appear.  

The intensity of the alarm sound: about 80dB at 30cm away. 

Undervoltage Indication:

When the voltage of the battery    2.7  ±0.05V, the undervoltage symbol “LOBAT” will be shown. 

Power Consumption:

Two AAA1.5V  alkali batterries  (7 battery). The power  consumption    2mW,  and can be continuously used for 720 hours. 

Temperature Characteristic:

±10%       -10   50  

Humidity Characteristic:

±10%       0.95%RH (-35

Exterior Size:



75g (Including battery 98g )