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HF Canopy pyramidal from NEW-DAYLITE

CUD25 BD-UNNew-Daylite Pyramidal Canopy ---- $830.90 (free shipping)
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This paramidal shape canopy is desirable, if you need fast mounting or if you have a roof pitch. Only suitable for single beds up to 100 cm width, since otherwise the slope gets too big. Disadvantage: Offers only limited free space and you have to lift the canopy away for bed-making. Measures: Bottom circumference 1150 cm, height 240 cm. All sizes depending on the fabric with +/- 5 % tolerance! Entry: Through one overlapping opening. Mounting: By one point on the ceiling. Scope of supply: Canopy, mounting accessories, 100 cm ring.

Fabric Characteristics

NEW-DAYLITE is a highly-transparent polyester fabric (Trevira?®) for the protection against high-frequency (HF) radiation. Typical application as net curtain or to sew a bed canopy.

  • Very high transparency 
  • Increase resistant Trevira?®-polyester 
  • Excellent cost/performance ratio 
  • Textile characteristics: Washable, easy to iron and process 
  • Quality grade: Very high 

Technical data

  • Attenuation: 25 dB at 1 GHz  
  • Color: White 
  • Raw materials: 78 % polyester (Trevira), 21 % copper, 1 % silver 
  • Weight: 65 g/m?². 
  • Dimension stability: +/- 1 % 
  • Certificates: ?–ko-Tex 100 and 1000 


Cannot be grounded. Low-frequency electrical fields (LF) must be reduced by additional procedures. We recommend to shield this fields or to switch it off with a demand switch.


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