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Cornet ED88TPlus Tri-Mode
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Cornet ED88TPlusCornet ED88TPlus---- $179.90 (Worldwide Free Shipping)
A Tri-mode meter for up to 8GHz/10KHz

(0.1-8GHz) RF/LF Electrosmog field strength power meter with build-in Gauss meter and E-Field function (Tri mode) with sound output and USB PC connection


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  • Electromagnetic field strength measurement. both low frequency and high frequency. 
  • Mobile phone base station radiation power Density safety measurement. 
  • Telecommunications(CW,TDMA,GSM,DECT). 
  • RF safety measurement. 
  • RF power measurement for transmitters. 
  • Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) detection, installations. 
  • Smart meters 
  • Spy camera, wireless bug finder. 
  • Cellular/cordless phone radiation safety level. 
  • Microwave oven leakage detection. 
  • Electric and magnetic field measurement. 
  • E-field mode: measured ELF electric field strength is shown on the digital LCD display with V/m. 
  • Personal living environment EMF safety.  
  • Data logging via USB to PC connection software. 


  • Tri operation mode: RF power meter mode, LF Gauss meter mode and LF E-Field mode. 
  • RF Frequecy range: 100MHz to 8GHz (RF meter), (-60dBm to +5dBm),(0.5uw/m2 to 1.8w/m2), (14mv/m to 26.2v/m). 
  • Shows the broadcast frequency (100MHz - 2.7GHz) range. 
  • LF1: 50Hz to 10KHz (0.1uT to 60uT)/(1mG to 600mG). 
  • LF2: 50Hz to 1KHz (0.01uT to 1uT)/(0.1mG to 10mG). 
  • E-field bandwidth of 50Hz-50KHz with sensitivity of 10v/m to 1000v/m.
  • Peak power density measurement 1.5uW/m2 to 0.58W/m2. 
  • LCD Backlight: 15 seconds auto-off and manual on/off control. 
  • LCD Histogram and bar display to display power density level. 
  • Sampling rate: 10,000/sec. Display update rate: 2/sec. 
  • Error rate: +/- 3.5dBm, LF: 20%, E-field: 25%. 
  • Analog RF(AM,FM) and Digital burst RF(GSM,TDMA,CDMA,DECT, ZigBee, Bluetooth, UWB, WiFi, WiMAX 2.4GHz, 3.6GHz, 5.8GHz). 
  • Max and Hold function, mW/m2, V/m, dBm, mG, uT. 
  • Average, Sound output, audio Alarm function. Calibration correction.
  • Earphone port.
  • Volume control.
  • USB connection for data communiation and power supply.
  • Audio Sound ON/OFF control, programmable Alarm
    triggering level.
  • Accurate, easy to use device, excellent for personal Electrosmog exposure evaluation for living environment, such as close by Mobile phone base station. 
  • Build-in Sensing Antenna. 
  • Small, compact handheld design, 69mmX110mm. 
  • Battery operated (9V DC) 
  • Constant power option via USB.



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