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  • Unique, handy tool for your personal Electromagnetic wave exposure detection and level measurement. Highly sensitive and Accurate indicators for your defense on both RF and LF radiation pollutions.
  • Trifield Meter measures all three types of electromagnetic field: AC magnetic field, AC electric field, and radio (including microwaves). The magnetic and electric detectors are 3-axis, making the meter easier to use than comparable 1-axis meter.
  • 3- axis digital Magnetic Field Meter.
  • A digital gaussmeter for precise measurement of AC magnetic field.
  • EMF detectos and meters to detect and measure high frequency power density.
  • Cornet ED65 is a wifi signal strength meter for your personal Electromagnetic wave exposure detection and level measurement.
  • Unique, handy tool for high frequency. RF signal exposure detection and power level measurement. Highly sensitive and Accurate LCD display and ultra fast LED segment indicators for RF power measurement.
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